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Sinta with a bone tumor can shake the heart of the National Police Chief

Talking on social media, Sinta with a bone tumor can shake the heart of the National Police Chief

National Police Chief General Listiyo Sigit Prabowo picks up Sinta Auli Maulidia by helicopter via the Rembang Police Chief, Saturday, 20/2/22.

Sinta is the son of a farmer from Samaran village, Pamotan sub-district, Rembang regency, Central Java, who is still 10 years old, who is suffering from a tumor in his leg. Previously, he had undergone intensive treatment at RSUD dr. R. Soetrasno Rembang. He was also referred to the Solo Muwardi Hospital.
The National Police Chief ordered the Rembang Police Chief AKBP Dandi Ario Yustiawan and his staff to evacuate Sinta Aulia to the Jakarta Police Hospital for treatment.

This started when in the midst of despair because of an illness that did not go away and the lack of money for treatment, this child ventured to convey his hopes to the National Police Chief via @kun Instagram.
The National Police Chief, after finding Sinta’s cries via Instagram from his members, immediately contacted her via a video call. “What do your parents do, Sinta?” asked General Sigit. “Farmers, sir,” replied Sinta. “Okay, Sinta, I’ll pick up my men later, a team of doctors from the police, today I asked to be taken to Jakarta, I happen to be in East Java now, let me order my subordinates to take you to Jakarta, so you can be treated there. , later when I arrive in Jakarta I will immediately visit you, okay?!” said the General.

As promised by the National Police Chief, Saturday, February 20 2022, the Rembang Police Chief along with his members, the Pamotan and Bhabinkamtibmas Police Chief of Samaran Village, as well as several medical teams arrived at Sinta’s residence. Meanwhile, at the Samaran village field, helicopters from Jakarta have been prepared to evacuate Sinta.
After the preparation of medical equipment was installed as an anticipation in the middle of the trip, the ambulance took Sinta to the village field where the helicopter was parked.
The police chief and his staff saluted the officers who served Sinta to the Jakarta Hospital, and took off. Always Maintain 5 M Prokes.

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